About The Books

Beyond the Veil to Heaven


This is a book about life after death as provided to me through journaling and a series of extraordinary events by my wife, Suzette Delashmet Shockley, after her demise. I believe, and Suz (many times she and I call her Sue) as my wife believes, that if only one person can save themselves from the complete overwhelming sorrow and utter grief that comes from the death of a loved one, this whole endeavor is worthwhile.


When these events started to happen, I, having not known or even thought about life after someone has passed, was in disbelief myself and turned to find out, research, and listen for answers to really see what was happening. In reading and talking with some people that did believe in life after death, I kept an open mind. As you will see, some of the events are without a doubt in my mind coming from another world. These are definite happenings that not by any common sense are able to happen in the world we live in now.


As these activities happened one by one, what was happening made sense to me because as I took it as a continuing series of events, I saw something was really happening that was out of the ordinary. It was in fact very extraordinary and could not, as we know it, be of a human perspective of life on this planet. I now know that when a person loses a good friend, a spouse, a child, or other loving relationship, the deceased person can come through. I believe the stronger the love vibration between the one that has passed and the one left behind, the easier and the stronger will be the connection between them.


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Beyond Earth Through Heaven’s Gates


After five floodlights in his ceiling began flashing at a tremendous speed, Ward reveals how he set out on a journey to seek insight and answers about after-death communication, spirit guides, and life after death as it unfolds in a new realm. Ward relies on a series of handwritten journals that recorded dramatic occurrences over several months and eye opening communications from his spirit guides to share personal experiences with others that confirms it is possible to communicate with departed loved ones and be comforted by the fact that they have moved onto a joyful, loving, and renewed life in heaven.

Beyond Earth Through Heaven’s Gates reveals a widower’s poignant experiences after he discovered his ability to communicate with his beloved deceased wife through a series of signs and messages.


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Conversations From Heaven


This book is a continuation of the communications from Ward Barcafer’s wife, Suzette Delashmet Shockley-Barcafer, from her new realm in a world that we and the Bible call Heaven. She communicates with him with mental telepathy through an electrical magnetic force. She wanted to let him know that she, her personality, who she was, still exists. Her new life shows that truly there is no death; that our physical bodies die, but who we are lives on.


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